What our clients are saying;


My name is Vicky & I have been a client of Mark Banks at Fitness Bank for a while now. I began training with Mark five weeks after the birth of my first baby. During my pregnancy I gained just over three stones in weight & following the birth was still two stones heavier than I ever had been. I was desperate to lose the weight & improve my fitness but with a new baby lacked motivation.

A friend of mine had also been a client of Fitness Bank & Suggested I get in touch with them. I took her advice & arranged to meet up with Mark. My first session was professional but relaxed as I discussed my goals realistically with Mark. I was then given a nutrition plan & began having two sessions a week with Mark. The nutrition was easy to follow, healthy eating with no faddy diet gimmicks. The first two weeks in the gym was hard but I soon noticed my stamina begin to improve as I did a combination of gym sessions and classes.

Five months later & two stones lighter, the change in me is unbelievable. I am in better shape then I was before I even got pregnant! Now I love coming to the gym and feel one hundred times fitter and better about myself than I did in September. Others have noticed too & that’s when I feel that my hard work has paid off. Mark’s expertise & encouragement has really helped me along the way.

All I need to do now is buy some new clothes!!!
Thank you Fitness Bank.

Dawn Hepple

Mark was recommended to me by a friend of my husband last June. I had managed to lose about three stones with a combination of diet and exercise but had stuck at ten and half stones. I was becoming really despondent as nothing I did seemed to be working to lose that last stone.

The first couple of consultations with Mark were spent dispelling all of the myths about training and especially my diet (or nutrition as Mark calls it). The nutrition was important as this was probably my biggest stumbling block. I was trying to do hard intense workouts without “fuelling” my body properly, or regularly. I kept a food diary for about five days and even though I thought I had been eating really healthily it turned out that I hadn’t been at all. He gave me a food plan to follow and at first I’ll admit I was sceptical as I was told to eat far more than I had been whilst dieting myself. But I did as I was told and followed it, I still do now, it is a way of life and it really opened my eyes to what I put into my body and my families. Low fat is not always the best, choosing organic whenever possible etc.

Mark then began looking at my exercise schedule. I hadn’t been doing any resistance (weight) training, mainly because I didn’t know much about it. Mark always takes the time to explain why I’m doing an exercise, which muscles are being worked and what the benefits are.

When I turned up for a session I never knew what we were going to do. This keeps me guessing and on my toes! I can train longer and harder and I set myself targets to keep my body guessing.

I now weight nine and half stones, have gone down to size 10/12 and feel great. The main change has been in my body shape. People are commenting on how well I look all of the time and ask me how I’ve managed to do it. I always tell them about Mark and can’t recommend him enough. The first thing they say is how can you afford that? I have a one hour session, once a week and it cost me no more than two cups of coffee a day would at work.

Mark can tell at a glance how I’m feeling and I always finish a session feeling motivated and happy.


I began training with Mark 4 months ago although I had been to the gym regularly I did not feel any fitter or stronger. Mark looked at my poor nutrition and without any drastic measures made me realise I must improve the food I was eating.

I have lost about a stone in weight but more importantly I am stronger, fitter and have much more energy and even sleep better. I only train once a week with Mark at Fitness Bank but it has certainly made a difference to me…